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Payment Policy Online Marketplace accepts a variety of payment methods. We are proud to promise 100% safe payment transactions thanks to the most advanced encryption technology and full PCI compliance. We take your safety very seriously. All transactions are monitored 24/7 to prevent fraud, email phishing, and identity theft. If we suspect authorized activity, our security team will identify the activity and help protect you from fraud.

There is no small print on CoolOrca Marketplace. We are honest with our customers and show real prices, with no hidden charges. Please read our shipping and listing regulations here for more information on your user rights and due diligence.

We offer CoolOrca's sellers strictly verified payment methods to keep transactions in our marketplace secure.

Straightforward payment rules allow you to use the most secure payment methods. Buyers and sellers have constant and open access to information about the payment transactions’ regulations and procedures of arising problems solving.

Payments from a Bank Account policy

Applying the bank account as a payment method on the website, a CoolOrca affiliate website, or a third party website is subject to the current Terms and Conditions (the "Terms"). In addition, the website usage is controlled by our Conditions of Use and PrivacyNotice. We may make changes to the current Terms by posting updates on Using your personal bank account to pay for purchases on the site, you automatically accept the Terms with the new updates.


When you pay via your private bank account, you automatically authorize us to deduct specific purchase amounts from your bank account. It includes taxes, fees, and delivery charges. You also give us the legal right to debit or credit your private bank account to correct spelling errors, payment corrections, or refunds to your bank account.

Bank Account Eligibility and Verification

Your bank account must allow you to accept debit payments in the currency of your choice on the CoolOrca website. You give us the legal right to make inquiries and receive all necessary information, including your credit report and other credit checks, which we believe may be essential to perform due diligence on your bank account. At any time and without notice, the site’s administration has the right to temporarily suspend, deny or completely prohibit you from paying for purchases from our site via your bank account.

Returned Payments

If your bank refunds finance from your account unpaid, we are ready to repeat the procedure. Your bank is entitled to charge you overdraft and other fees for each failed payment process. You also give us a legal opportunity to charge you the remaining unpaid after each attempted debit by using the appropriate payment method available in our database. We are also entitled to initiate collection or litigation proceedings to return the funds owed. In this way, you agree to pay any of our costs for these actions, including lawyer' services.

Monthly Payments Terms & Conditions

This offer is actual strictly for new eligible products sold and delivered by and partners (Sign up Seller's account), including the “monthly payments

- This offer is only valid for one item in each authorized product category.

- One cannot transfer this offer or unite it with other proposals.

- To qualify for this offer, you must have a valid credit card linked to your account. It is also essential to have a positive payment history. The proposal is not accessible to all partners and buyers and may not apply to all eligible items. In proving your eligibility for the offer, the website administration may consider different factors for each transaction (payment history, past products acquired on, and prices). We do not use a credit report to identify your eligibility.

-This offer is strictly valid until the end of deliveries. We have the right to cancel this offer at any time.

-You will be charged the total price of the qualifying product of your choice (one payment).

-You permit us to get funds by the payment method most convenient for you. If that is not accessible (e.g., due to the card expiration and inability to transfer the required funds’ amount), we turn to another method of payment that has been registered for you. You must possess a minimum one operating credit card in your personal account. It must expire no sooner than 20 days after the last payment date.

-You decide what to choose - to prepay a scheduled payment or the complete purchase balance 

If you cant apply the concrete payment way prescribed for your account, we may use an alternative one, including terminating or fully blocking your account and de-registering your device from, which will permanently ban you from using the content and block you from accessing CoolOrca from your device. You automatically agree that CoolOrca and affiliates are not liable because of these security tools.

-This proposal and your purchase, as well as all complaints, disputes, and claims, are subject to the requirements outlined in Conditions of Use, including arbitration, liability restriction, and liability disclaimer.

-Any item return acquired under the rules of this proposal and the sum of the refund is governed via standard return policy (SafeShopping policy & Buyer Protection). The purchase balance amount is charged from each refund.


Chilean and Colombian Credit Cards

Applying the Chilean or Colombian credit card gives you access to multiple bright advantages.

Take advantage of a wide range of benefits while purchasing various goods via Chilean (CLP) or Colombian (COP) pesos:

-The ability to avoid fees, even for foreign transactions.

-Using your regional credit line more than your international one.

Features of monthly interest-free payment for Chilean credit cards:

-In the process of paying for buyings via Chilean credit card, you obtain an opportunity to enjoy three equal interest-free payments (in equal amounts).

-The total amount of the buying is divided into 3 payments when you make the installment payment with your credit card. Therefore, it is convenient because you do not need to pay a hefty amount one time.

Payment of the first installment is made in the settlement cycle at the time of shipment.

-It is impossible to make an installment when the buyer pays by gift card (either in part or in whole).

-If you choose an installment plan of up to 3 months, we will notify your bank. Subsequently, this bank will debit your account for three consecutive monthly payments (interest-free).

-The availability of credit card installments depends directly on the reciprocal agreement between the concrete bank and you. If the payment plans for the products you buy by installments are not met, your credit rating can be lowered. Therefore, please carefully read the terms of use of your card issuer's services.

-If you have a Colombian credit card, you can utilize it to make purchases and make installments of up to 36 months. There is no minimum purchase price tag.

-When you opt for monthly installments, we will notify your bank. Afterward, that bank will charge you.

-The lending rate is a rate that depends on the reciprocal agreement between you and the credit card’s provider (concrete bank).


Currency Converter Exchange Rates

When you Sign up for the marketplace, you will receive joint accounts in a global network around the world: North America (USA, Canada, and Mexico), European stores (UK, Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Sweden, and Spain), Japan and Australia, and all other countries.

Note:  EURO is the main currency of the CoolOrca Store.

Our website accepts payment in euros, and all products on the website are published in euros. But for your convenience, we use the currency converter.

The currency converter allows you to pay in the local currency using a payment card. This can be Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or any other.

At the time of purchase, according to the fixed rules and regulations, and using a valid Visa, MasterCard, or American Express card in the currency accepted by Currency Converter, it is possible to perform the transaction in your local currency. We will show the final order amount in your local currency when you go to the summary page.

As you shop through Currency Converter:

-The total price of your order is automatically displayed in the buyer's local currency on the order page.

-We always give customers the option to pay for items in their local currency or US dollars.

-If there is a refund, we will apply the exact exchange rate applied to the purchase. As a result, you will receive back the amount you paid earlier, even if the exchange rate has changed in the meantime.

-The exchange rate can be seen under the final amount of the order directly at the time of purchase.

-The exchange rate we applied to the order can be seen in the detailed information of the order or in the notification (email), or via the invoice.


When we apply the currency converter developed by, we charge your payment card strictly in the local currency. It is worth keeping in mind the additional fees that the card companies or banks may charge. This may affect the cost of your order. Please get in touch with the bank for details.

The local currency is the one linked to the payment method that suits you. Therefore, you have the right to change the card's currency by changing the payment method when placing the order.

If you pay for the order in the market currency, you will get a refund in the same market currency. This is because the bank where you are serviced can change the exchange rate concerning the currency of your card. charges depend on the currency converter applies to the exchange rate.

The exchange rate you see at the time of the order coincides with the information posted on the Internet and other financial resources. Such rates are perceived as interbank rates for wholesale rates and are not meant for regular customers. The administration of improves its services and tries to negotiate the most favorable exchange rates with the bank service providers. Exchange rates are updated on a daily basis. currency converter will recalculate the right for payment when you change your order considering all the changes you made earlier. If the changes do not make the order available, the final amount of the order will be paid in the local currency. It is essential to choose the optimal currency in the converter.

If you buy at via popular credit cards which are denominated in the currency that the converter supports, you can pay in your local currency. 

If you need to switch between your local currency and the internal currency of the site:

-Select the desired items, start the checkout process.

On the final page, choose the best payment currency before the payment.

-After selecting the currency on the map converter shows you the amount to be paid in the local currency in one click only, so you will know exactly how much money you have to pay.


Our internal currency converter needs to know information such as the card's country of issue to denote the local currency.

If the currency type is not correctly identified, please select the correct currency for the payment at checkout.

Change the card currency at any appropriate time on the payment selection page. 

The system stores the currency you selected for your card and subsequent purchases.

How can I view the exchange rate that is relevant for a particular order?

When placing the order, look through the exchange rate applied to the final payment amount in local currency.

To look through the exchange rate:

-Select the items you wish to buy and then select "Start Checkout".

-See the exchange rate on the final payment page of your order before you pay.


-Don't forget that additional fees may be charged by your bank. Please contact your bank for more information.

-After you place your order, you will not be able to see the exchange rate immediately, but you can see its final amount in Your Orders. As for the price of orders placed in local currency, you will see the final order amount shown in the local currency.

Shopping Cart Prices

Items in the cart are marked with the latest prices shown on the item detail review page.

This price tag may differ from the price of the product you initially added to the cart. That is, you are not protected from price changes when you put a product in your cart. The price tag may be lower or higher between the time an item is added to the cart and the actual purchase.


-Payment will not be charged to the purchaser until after the item delivery procedure begins.

If the correct price for an item is higher than what you entered, we may cancel the order and notify you or contact you for further instructions. This applies to items sold and shipped by If the price tag of a particular item is incorrect, sellers may follow different instructions.

We guarantee the correctness of the pre-order price strictly for items not yet released.

The price of unreleased items at may change between the date they are available for sale and the day they are released and/or shipped.

-For physical items:

When pre-ordering those or other physical items, the itemized information page is labeled "Pre-Order Price Guarantee." In this case, the price assigned to the item upon shipment will be the lowest in the period between the day of order placement and the day of release.

-For the purpose of downloading software, computer games, SSL certificates:

When pre-ordering items from the digital content category, the price tag will be the lowest available on (during the period from order placement to the release date).


-The pre-order price guarantee is available strictly for items sold on This list does not include individual items purchased on other sites.

-The pre-order price guarantee applies strictly to items that have not yet been released. Therefore, it is not valid for other product lines released earlier.

The Pre-order Price Guarantee applies to products with an offer notice on their pages. If no such information is included in the product descriptions, such products are not covered by the guarantees mentioned above.

-The Pre-Order Price Guarantee does not apply to lower prices charged under a sales program that requires the buyer to participate in that program in order to purchase the product at a reduced price.

-If your order is shipped before the release date, the price will be reduced before the release date. We are ready to refund the difference to your credit card within 48 hours. If the price tag changes before the items are shipped, you will be able to see the new price on the buyer's personal page within 24-48 hours prior to the actual payment, don’t’ hesitate and please Contact Us.


Strike-Through Pricing and Savings

Items posted on CoolOrca show a list price, an old price tag, or other financial information on the itemized goods' description page.

The list price refers to the retail price quoted by the manufacturer or seller. CoolOrca will display the list price only in situations where the product has been purchased by visitors of CoolOrca or has been shown at or above the list price within the last 90 days. 

The price of the CoolOrca product previously purchased is identified by evaluating the median price for the last 90 days. The exception is the price paid by CoolOrca customers for the particular unit or units during the transaction, which was limited for time. Therefore, for new offers, CoolOrca "Previously Priced" is calculated as the median price put forward as an offer on the local market (for 28 days out of the last 90 days).

The buyer sees information about the potential savings and prices:

Lowest or Best Price in 30 days indicates that the current price tag is lower or equal to the best price of that item sold on the CoolOrca Marketplace in the last 30 days.

If you want to notify us about a pricing problem, choose "Report Product Invalid Data" from the item detail page. Next, select "Other item details" and "Price issue». The Comments section will help to indicate all of the essential details.

Note: CoolOrca can't respond to customers personally. You will see a confirmation of a successful message sent to us after filling out the form.

Multi-factor authentication for international bank cards

All local Korean credit cards work strictly with MFA or multi-factor authentication.) If you try to make purchases with your Korean card on CoolOrca, the system will direct you to the identity verification and transfer form. The data you provide allows the card issuer to verify the legitimacy of the card and the correctness of the user's data. There are no additional fees associated with the process. Select "Place Order," and your identity verification form will be displayed.

You will need the following information to verify the site's system that your customer card is authentic:

-Date of birth.

-The first two numbers of your credit card password.

-Your contact phone number.

-Your enterprise's registration number (if the card is corporate property).

Once you have successfully passed the verification procedure, the system will redirect you back to the CoolOrca platform. You will only need to go through the verification procedure once (for each credit card you add).


-You must clearly know who the cardholder is (a legal entity or an individual). If the host is an entity, check the BRN box on the carrier verification page.

-Request help from the card issuer if you forget your 4-digit password.

Payment Methods We Accept








American Express

Being a registered customer, you possess your Log In. Please keep your access data to your personal account carefully and do not share it with third parties. We don't give you passwords, and we don't store them. If you want to reset your password or set a new one, follow the step-by-step instructions, but first Contact Us.

All information to access your personal CoolOrca account must be kept secure by you. If unintentional purchases are made on your account, CoolOrca is not responsible. Any activity in your account is your responsibility.

A CoolOrca customer can add more than one card to their account. When adding each one, you will need to enter its number, expiry date, unique security code. The system will ask you to confirm data at the moment of payment. Follow your bank's instructions if it asks for additional verification procedures to ensure security.

Each transaction is protected by an internal encryption system when paying by credit card. When you add a debit card, the system redirects you to your bank's secure site to complete the specific transaction successfully. 

CoolOrca employees do not contact clients by email or phone to find out the PIN code of the card or other private confidential information. However, in strictly exceptional cases, our employees may contact you to ask for a copy of your ID (to confirm your identity).

You can choose a PayPal account as a convenient and secure payment method as well. If you use it immediately after the successful sending of products, you will be redirected to the PayPal website (to complete the payment transaction). You need to follow a clearly suggested step-by-step algorithm. When you pay via PayPal, you're not allowed to split payment amounts into several accounts or cards.

Change or add to the available payment options. To this end:

1.     Sign In

2.     Go to "My payment methods".

3.     Select one offered payment method (change the payment method, add a new payment method).

4.     Follow the instructions on the screen step by step.

If the selected payment method does not work, the system allows you to try again (not more than 3 times daily). An alternative solution to the problem is to check the card balance, contact CoolOrca administration to find out the reasons.

In order to apply for the Buyer Protection, the system requires a good account with a positive history. A dispute can be initiated within 30 days of purchase and payment.

For a pleasant and safe shopping experience, the CoolOrca Marketplace has the right to collect and accumulate your personal information. This is usually data that the system automatically receives after you fill out forms manually. All sensitive data is carefully stored following GDPR and Privacy-Shield rules and is not disclosed. All policy details on the storage and use of confidential information are kept here.

Payment methods not available on CoolOrca does not accept some payment methods.

Our system does not accept the following payment methods:

Postal orders.

Purchase orders.

Book tokens.

Cash, regardless of currency type.

Pay Monthly.

Bank transfers.

Standing orders and debits.

EBT Cash benefits.

We recommend that you be careful and responsible. Check the status of your internal account on the site, notify the administration of any extraneous activity in your personal profile. If you are concerned about the security of your confidential data or suspect a breach of your user rights, please get in touch and Contact Us to make sense of the situation and resolve it favorably.

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